"The YourCity approach eliminates all the common challenges with traditional plans & 
is a cost effective solution for small & medium sized local governments"

Clive Frendlich - Chief Financial Officer @ Town of Comox
“Being from a small municipality with limited resources, an asset management plan seemed out of reach for us. But when the YourCity team shared with us their unique approach that directly addressed the biggest challenges related to asset management & long-term financial planning & that they would help with the complete the grant application, it seemed like an opportunity we couldn’t pass up. YourCity helped us write the application alongside us and we had it submitted within a few days. We just found out that we were successful and are looking forward to working with the YourCity team!” 

Janene Felker - Chief Financial Officer @ City of Armstrong
"We were able to use our existing data to build our plan. This was very important for our small community because it allowed us to get started right away, consumed very little staff time & allowed us to complete the plan in a cost & time efficient manner."

Pam Rooke - Chief Financial Officer @ Village of Lions Bay
"The Asset HealthScore Framework & dashboard presents information in a way that truly supports long-term financial planning & provides you the financial strategy you need you need to have confidence that you will be financially sustainable now & 50 years into the future."

Paul Murray - Chief Financial Officer @ Central Sannich
“We originally completed our asset management plan using the life cycle forecasts which suggested we need to increase our asset replacement budget to $7.1 million which would of resulted in a 52% tax increase. We then worked with YourCity to implement their Asset HealthScore Framework & dashboard which allowed us to bridge our funding gap from $7.1 million to $3.1 million. We went from a large funding target that lead to questions about our long-term financial sustainability, to a realistic one that provided us confidence in our financial future.”

Clive Frendlich - Chief Financial Officer @ Town of Comox
"I have had the opportunity to serve on the YourCity client advisory board & its been so amazing to see how the team actively listens to the board members, take our suggestions & then implements them into their solutions. Its is truly a ground up, grass roots approach that results in a solution that is specifically built for local governments by local governments."

Michelle Manson - Chief Financial Officer @ Village of Cumberland
“Our original plan was completed using word, excel, & powerpoint which relied on manual processes which were expensive, time consuming & frustrating to work with. The YourCity dashboard now automates those manual processes & presents our information in visually appealing way. This will not only ensure our plans stays up to date in a cost effective way but will also allow us to focus on having meaningful conversations rather than getting bogged down in spreadsheets & word documents.

Clive Frendlich - Chief Financial Officer @ Town of Comox
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