Why Life Cycle Funding Might Lead To Over Taxation
In this video you learn the top 3 reasons why we believe life cycle funding forecasts could lead to over taxation.

If you stay to the end of the video we will share with you the exact framework we use to help our clients bridge their funding gap 50% faster
We have seen this happen before…. 

Your staff & council are excited because you finally completed your asset management & long-term financial plan. You begin reviewing the results & are enjoying what you are learning about your assets but then you observe your life cycle funding forecast & the ensuing funding gap. You then realize that you need to increase taxes by 30% to 50% to bridge that gap which leaves you & your council concerned about your financial future.

Don’t worry you are not alone; in fact, this is the #1 single biggest challenge local governments face.

But the good news is we have figured out a new approach that has enabled our local government partners to bridge their funding gap 50% faster.

In this video, I share with you why I believe life cycle funding forecasts could lead to over taxation. Following this I jump into the 5-step framework we use to help our local government partners set realistic & achievable funding targets that enable them to bridge their funding gap 50% faster.

I made this video to prevent your organization from becoming discouraged by the large funding gap associated with life cycle funding forecasts.

I found local government start to get some traction & are moving forward with developing their plan but often lose that momentum because of this large funding gap. Its kind of like having to hike up a mountain that you can’t see the top of & that goes on forever, there is little motivation to keep going.

This frustrates me because it can all be avoided.

That’s why you have to check out this video. We want to share our knowledge with you so we can get stronger as a collective. 

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