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Integrate Data From Various Sources

Before new data needed to be collected & input into a proprietary format. Now you can leverage any data source from virtually anywhere to build your plan. Doesn’t matter if it’s from a software system, spreadsheet or GIS, we got you covered.  


  • ​Get started right away for a fraction of the cost
  • Use data sources you already paid for (master plans, TCA, GIS etc…)
  • No need to manage & keep new data up to date 
  • ​Free up staff time from tedious data collection exercises

Get Rid Of

  • Expensive & time consuming data collection exercises 

Set Your Budget Using Your Asset HealthScore™

Before analyzing risk & level of service was complicated & very costly. Now use our Asset HealthScore™ to predict how your budget affects your future risk & level of service over time. 


  • Easily understand & communicate the trade-offs between your budgets decisions, risk & level of service across asset categories
  • Understand the impact decisions today, have on your future
  • Compel councils to think beyond their term
  • ​Allocate funding between asset categories with confidence (building v.s road v.s. park)

Get Rid Of

  • Complicated & expensive analysis that requires perfect data
“Before working with YourCity we were not confident in our financial future. After working with YourCity they helped us bridge our funding gap & gave us confidence we can fund the replacement of assets when needed”
Clive Freundlich
Chief Financial Officer, Town of Comox
Population: 15,000

Built-In Financial Strategy

Before asset replacement funding plans & financial strategies could NOT easily be integrated. Our approach now allows you to directly integrate both plans which enables you to determine if your plan is realistic & affordable right away. We do this by showing you the impact your budget has on; taxation, affordability, debt, reserves as well as financial risk & flexibility. Never wonder if you can fund the fund your replacement budget again.   


  • Instantly understand if your replacement budget is realistic & affordable
  • ​Have confidence you can bridge your funding gap  
  • ​Understand how affordability, debt levels, reserves, taxation, financial risk & flexibility changes over time 
  • ​Prevent the need for large, unexpected tax increases 

Get Rid Of

  •  Plans that don't get funded

Dashboard & Online Report

Before 100 pages reports & spreadsheets were used to develop your plans. Now your entire Asset Replacement Funding Plan & Financial Strategy can be managed from a few screens, in the cloud using our dashboard & online report:


  • Never deal with multiple spreadsheets or confusing enterprise software systems again
  • Build your plan at record speeds & a fraction of the cost
  • Easily update your plan & measure progress
  • ​Create funding scenarios & visually see the impact of your decisions
  • ​Visually communicate your results & tell your financial story

Get Rid Of

  •  100 page reports & spreadsheets
"We used use our existing data to build our plan. This was very important for our small community because it allowed us to get started right away, did not require much staff time & allowed us to complete our plan in months"
Pam Rooke
Chief Financial Officer, Village of Lions Bay
Population: 1,300

And even more!

  • Set service lives by category
  • Service life sensitively analysis
  • Study service life data from other local governments
  • Flexible planning timeframes
  • Create multiple scenarios & compare
  • Measure your progress
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